Meet Tracey: Head of Primary Care Operations

Tracey has been with the organisation since its inception in a variety of roles. Most recently she’s successfully led on the transformation of part of our Head Office premises to become a large scale Vaccination Centre. Here, Tracey describes why she loves working for Spectrum and the rewards of her role.

ell us a little about your career history and your first job at Spectrum?

I started out as a physiotherapist in the NHS. When Spectrum first span out the PCTs were being reorganised at the time and I would have had to move jobs anyway to work for a big NHS Trust. I was given the opportunity to join Spectrum as Head of Quality and managing Shared Care (substance misuse services), building on my experience of managing Quality and CQC inspections at the PCT and I decided to go for it! It was an exciting opportunity to be part of something new.

How has your role changed over the years?

When the Shared Care ended, I was offered the role of Head of Service at HMP New Hall and HMP Askham Grange – two female-only prisons. Many of the patients were in recovery so there was still a large substance misuse component to my job. It was here that I really cut my teeth mobilising staff and setting clear objectives for projects, most notably with the e-prescribing initiative. As a result of successfully managing that project I was offered the role of Programme Management Officer (PMO).
Since then, I’ve been responsible for getting a number of significant projects off the ground, most recently working with colleagues within the organisation and external partners, namely Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust and Wakefield Council, to get the second floor at our head office in Wakefield ready to become a Community Vaccination Centre.

What job satisfaction do you get?
For me, the reward is knowing that we’ve achieved what we set out to do and what we’re now doing is making a difference. At the end of the day, the patient is always at the centre of every project, whether that’s improving patient safety or the quality of the patient experience. The great thing about working at Spectrum is that everybody ‘gets’ the vision and values, and people understand how they have contributed to the ‘big picture’.

What’s been the highlight of your career at Spectrum?
I think if I had to put my finger one project, it would probably be the Community Vaccination Centre which we opened on target and [at the time of the interview in March 2021] we’re about the go to full capacity. It’s been a great example of how we’ve worked in partnership with the lead organisation, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust – and other key partners to get the centre up and running and achieve a fantastic experience for the community.

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from members of the community, with people sending us cards and giving us biscuits to say thank-you. Credit goes to the whole team at Spectrum: Nick for managing all the facilities aspect; Judy  for ensuing all the NHS IT was correctly installed; Chris for ensuring the pharmacy complied with the NHS protocols and countless staff and volunteers from across the local NHS, St Johns Ambulance and elsewhere who’ve all rallied together to deliver the vaccines. It’s been a real buzz being part of that.