WY-FI service user – Meet Ann

Ann* was a complex client referred to Wakefield WY-FI for extra support in engaging with Housing, Addiction, Probation and Mental Health services.

When she first came to WY-FI, she was facing several challenges:

Homelessness: After being released from prison, Ann was housed in unsecure, short-term emergency accommodation. She was not engaging well with the Housing Needs team and was struggling to pay bills.

Addiction: Although she was receiving local support for substance misuse, Ann was only engaging sporadically with her Key Worker and was still using drugs.

Reoffending: Ann served a custodial sentence for arson but after release, she only engaged sporadically with her Probation worker.

Mental Health: Despite having a brain injury and a history of traumatic abuse, Ann was not in contact with mental health services.

To resolve these challenges, our WY-FI Navigators in Wakefield began to work with Ann intensively, offering frequent 1:1 support to help with her mental health and housing needs.

Navigators worked with Ann’s Housing support staff to help her find appropriate accommodation and supported her to set up payment plans and keep on top of her utility bills. WY-FI Navigators also encouraged Ann to make new appointments and re-engage with substance misuse services, and she has almost completely stopped using drugs. She is engaging regularly with her Probation worker and her probation order will be complete in just a few months.

Ann is now making excellent progress and has expressed an interest in attending local Wellbeing groups for women and in volunteering at our charity project, Appletree Garden.

*name changed to respect the privacy of our service user.

Thank you for your help and support over the years….
I couldn’t have done this without your help and advice
more so than the tablets

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