COVID-19 Vaccination Centre

Throughout 2020, UK health services faced one of the greatest public health challenges in our history: managing the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic and supporting the nationwide roll-out of the COVID Vaccination Programme.

From our headquarters in Wakefield, we established a partnership with Wakefield Council and Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and set in place plans to build a large-scale Vaccination Centre.

In less than six weeks, the first floor of Spectrum’s Head Office was transformed into a clinical environment and we welcomed nurses, vaccinators, volunteers and stewards to deliver the Vaccination Programme. In January 2021, Navigation Walk became the first large-scale Vaccination Centre to open in West Yorkshire and by 1st April 2021 around 40,000 people had been vaccinated at the site, greatly helping to reduce the risk of infection within the local community.

The following feedback was provided, anonymously, by a carer attending with her disabled mother.

“My mum is in a wheelchair with very limited mobility, but everyone [at Navigation Walk] from the people signing us in, directing us where to go, administering the vaccine and even operating the lift for us were so helpful, caring and considerate. I honestly cannot thank your teams enough; you’ve made our family feel more reassured than we have felt in months.”

Tracey Cooper 020SH_Mar2020 CropsA

Spotlight on Success

Tracey has been with the organisation since its inception in a variety of roles. Most recently she’s successfully led on the transformation of part of our Head Office premises to become a large scale Vaccination Centre. Here, Tracey describes why she loves working for Spectrum and the rewards of her role.

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