Raising Awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation

Spectrum delivers Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) to thousands of young people in schools and Pupil Referrals Units across our commissioned areas.

In 2019, Spectrum developed a new classroom Programme which offers 1:1 and group support for vulnerable young people who have risk factors for child sexual exploitation (CSE). This early intervention programme supports young people at the first stage of safeguarding risk, before they meet the criteria for Social Services referrals.

The CSE Programme began in Wakefield and Barnsley and is open to young people in the community aged 11-18. As part of this project, our RSE facilitators deliver lessons which help young people respond to risk safely and increase their awareness of:

  • Child Sexual Exploitation – Including through discussions about CSE and where to get help
  • Online dangers – including how to recognise predatory behaviour and grooming
  • Peer pressure – particularly that which could lead them to risky activities
  • Understanding healthy and unhealthy behaviour in relationships, including coercive control

This project was exhibited at the 2020 British Association of Sexual Health Conference (BASHH) and was also a finalist at the Patient Safety Awards 2020.