Digital Innovation in Sexual Health Services

Spectrum has taken an innovative approach to communicating with our patients, including through digital innovation across our Sexual Health Services.

These changes include:

  • Introducing Online Testing. Access to online testing is a significant improvement for our Sexual Health Services and gives our patients more flexibility and choice in how they interact with us – including testing anonymously if they choose to.
  • Digital forms. Moving to a digital ‘Friends and Family’ form has doubled the response rate across our Sexual Health Services, meaning more patients can provide feedback about their experience of our services, we can track feedback rates and monitor improvements and progress in real time
  • A Web triage system. This interactive self-triage system encourages patients to answer simple “Yes/No” questions about their health and any symptoms, helping us to direct their care appropriately and reducing demand for telephone services
  • The RSE Resource Hub. This new Resource Hub allows Spectrum’s Relationships and Sec Education (RSE) team to continue supporting pupils remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that lessons and support can continue despite school closures. This is also a central resource hub for teachers.


Elaine Gallagher bA

Spotlight on success

Elaine Gallagher led the Sex Worker Outreach Programme and has twice been a finalise for national healthcare awards. Here, she describes the challenge of her role and what she loves about her job.

Meet Elaine: Outreach Co-ordinator