People who come into contact with the criminal justice system also face significant health inequalities.

According to Public Health England, the mortality rate for prisoners is almost 50% higher than it is for the rest of the population.* To reduce this inequality, Spectrum encourages our staff to take an innovative approach to improving care.

In 2019, healthcare staff in HMP Preston developed an award-winning project which would allow on-site haemodialysis treatment to be offered to patients for the first time.

lindsey bibby

Spotlight on success

This project was developed when Spectrum nurse, Lyndsey Bibby, realised that no on-site dialysis facilities were available for patients. She found that collectively, prison officers in HMP Preston were spending over 50 hours per week, per prisoner, in escorting dialysis patients to hospital appointments – an estimated cost of around £2,000 per month in working hours.

Lyndsey instigated discussions with the Head of Healthcare before approaching the prison Governor to discuss her ideas – outlining how the project would work and its benefits for patients.

After being allocated a room to use as a dialysis suite, Lyndsey sourced haemodialysis machines and began a staggered programme of training for healthcare staff.

As a result of this project, Spectrum and HMP Preston commenced negotiations with NHS England on becoming a specialist provider of renal dialysis services. If successful, this would see HMP Preston being transformed into a Dialysis Centre of Excellence for Her Majesty’s Prison Service, supporting patients from neighbouring prisons across the North West.