Healing through Art: Spectrum People

Our charity, Spectrum People, provides volunteering, training and enrichment activities for vulnerable adults at risk of social exclusion – for example, due to poor mental health, homelessness or offender histories. Their dedicated support inspires vulnerable people to learn and develop the confidence and skills they need to get back on their feet.

One way they do this is through therapeutic interventions such as Art therapy, which encourage service users to use creative expression as a way to navigate difficult or painful experiences.

“Before Art Therapy, I felt like I had a constant black hole inside me that I couldn’t escape. Leanne threw me a rope and helped me out of that hole. Now I can sit with it, sit with my anger, and know that it won’t overwhelm me.” Male, 30’s, in recovery from addiction

“When I first started Art Therapy, I was very anxious and fearful, I thought nothing could help me. Being able to express my experiences in a safe place with a therapist who has been kind and supportive has been incredibly healing. I used to feel constantly on edge, but now I feel calm and happy within myself. It has saved my life.” Woman, 50’s, who experienced traumatic bereavement.