Looking Ahead with Ambition

The coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented global-level challenges. The scars will be deep and all agencies will need to work hard and work together to combat the potential negative long-term impacts on human health and wellbeing. Furthermore, the economic, health and social impacts from the pandemic are likely to continue to be both significant and unequally distributed.

Whilst all of this is extremely sobering, having taken the time to look back and look hard at the last ten years, the ups and the downs, the good times and the bad and assimilate the huge amount of learning I feel extremely optimistic for Spectrum’s future and firmly believe everyone can be proud and look forward with ambition and here’s why.

COVID-19 highlights the holistic nature of being and staying well which can only be delivered through an integrated approach, rooted in an appreciation of social, economic, cultural and environmental contexts. Spectrum evidences this in droves through its commitment to ‘care around the person’, its clinical experience and expertise and its acknowledgement that improving population health requires practitioners making connections between and across multiple dimensions.

We are a community interest company that understands the ‘primacy of place’. We deliver care within unique community back stories, respecting and embracing the histories of the local areas we serve, building on and enhancing community assets and harnessing the voice of lived experience as the key to any sustained change.

Before I close I must acknowledge the amazing resilience and focussed leadership of our founding Chair Roger Grasby, no stranger himself to overcoming debility by challenging the way, and founding Finance Director, Sharon Hardcastle, whose innate financial prudence and foresight and detailed scenario planning has kept us safe, investing wisely and ambitiously, in line with our values and strategic mission. Together with all of Spectrum’s committed and talented Board members they have provided unswerving leadership, support, guidance and spirit for which I am indebted.

I encourage you to explore this 10 Years microsite to learn more about how Spectrum has expressed its social impact evidenced by how we are:

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Tackling Health Inequality

Support for everyone, including the most vulnerable and hardest to reach in our society.

Tackling Health Inequalities

Leading on Outreach

A major focus of Spectrum’s work is empowering people to take more control of their own health and wellbeing, supporting early diagnosis and intervention in order to improve people’s long-term health.

Leading on Outreach
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Enhance Care Experience

Spectrum takes pride in providing exceptional quality of care for our service users through innovating new approaches to service design and the patient pathway, harnessing digital technology and demonstrating the very highest standards of healthcare delivery. Our staff are empowered to explore new approaches and champion their passions in healthcare and we are experienced in introducing new models of care and transformation.

Enhance Care Experience

To all our amazing and selfless staff, past and present and our generous Strategic Leadership Team my gratitude runs deep for it is only because of their passion, their drive for success, their bravery, their achievements for patients, service users, partners and stakeholders that we have far exceeded any of the expectations for a once-small, locally-based healthcare provider in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Our achievements are also the successes of our partners and our commissioners.

I invite you to contact us to explore future opportunities across England and to imagine what we can accomplish together.

Contact the team at pr@spectrum-cic.nhs.uk.

Dr Linda Harris OBE

Chief Executive