Recovery Services

Reducing health inequalities in prisons goes hand in hand with addressing reoffending and ultimately, improving the life chances of those involved in the criminal justice system.


A source of support

Spectrum’s Recovery Services, launched in 2017, has provided essential support to over 3,700 service users across our North West prisons helping them to tackle drug or alcohol addiction and develop the confidence they need to thrive after release. Individuals have access to one-to-one structured interventions, as well as group support and dedicated programmes on drugs awareness, coping strategies and harm reduction.

A key part of what we do is also supporting re-integration. Our Throughcare team works with service users who are close to release and prepares them to go back into the community. The team supports service users to:

  • Gain entry to abstinence housing or residential rehab, if required
  • Access essential supplies through a free clothing and foodbank
  • Rebuild relationships with their family
  • Take opportunities to link up with the wider Recovery community, including through the annual Recovery Games

This groundwork enables our service users to create a support network, ensuring that they thrive after release from prison and making it less likely that they will relapse or reoffend. One service user said:

Before this, I hadn’t seen my kids for 15 months and it would probably have been forever if I hadn’t got to where I am now. It’s a blessing to be in my kids’ lives and I can’t thank (Alison) enough, really. She saved my life, she has given me my life back.