“Spectrum People was borne out Dr Linda Harris’s mission to create a charity to support the most vulnerable people in Wakefield. Through a variety of interventions including horticultural projects and community arts we’ve successfully helped thousands of people to improve their health and wellbeing.

“With the continued support of Spectrum Community Health CIC we are excited about continuing to explore new ways that we can meet poor health in our communities and further our shared goal of empowering those who are marginalised in society to participate in activities that will aid recovery and help them to stay well.” - Steven Michael, Chair of Spectrum People

“The culture and ethos of Spectrum Community Healthcare CIC brings added value to the prisons they work with. Their commitment to being open and transparent is also valuable to commissioners.” - Julie Dhuny, Head of Commissioning, Health and Justice, North of England

“As an established local health provider in Wakefield, I see Spectrum being a key partner in the new approach to integrated care, and a key partner to help us grow our local services. Spectrum are really well placed to work with a range of local stakeholders and have a wealth of expertise, and we hope to keep working closely with them in the future.” - Jez Mitchell, Commissioning Manager, Public Health, Wakefield Council