Supporting COVID-19 Research

In 2020, as the UK looked for solutions to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Spectrum’s Clinical Research team worked rapidly implement clinical trials as part of the COVID-19 response.

We quickly formed the Wakefield Research Collaborative, bringing together key personnel from nine organisations.

As part of this collaborative (and working closely with Wakefield Council and our NHS partners), Spectrum became a research partner for a monoclonal antibody trial by AstraZeneca.

This prevention study was aimed at patients who were less likely than most to benefit from a vaccine for COVID-19 – for example, as a result of immunosuppression or underlying conditions – and aimed to find out if they would be protected from COVID by receiving antibodies directly. The AstraZeneca study took place across five cities in the UK, with Spectrum leading for Wakefield.


"This treatment gives us some hope. I want that for everybody. I see how hard my colleagues are working on the frontline. We can't go out and have a laugh, there's no break for us. We all just want that normality back desperately and hopefully this can offer that. This is hugely important because we know we're going to need more than just one thing to save us.” - The first global participant was Karen Simeson, an Intensive Care nurse who attended Spectrum’s research centre in November 2020.