The WY-FI Project

In 2014, Spectrum led the Wakefield District arm of the West Yorkshire: Finding Independence (WY-FI) Project – a county-wide partnership network providing practical and emotional support for vulnerable adults.


WI-FI Navigator Support

Service users being helped by WY-FI often experience multiple areas of disadvantage and health inequality (including homelessness, addiction, reoffending and mental ill health) and face many barriers in accessing mainstream support services.

Between 2014 and 2019, our WY-FI Navigators supported over

170 vulnerable adults

in Wakefield

Helping them to register for healthcare services, access secure housing and tenancies, complete probation orders and receive treatment for substance use and mental ill health. Some WY-FI service users go on to access volunteering through the Project, become Peer Mentors for WY-FI or gradually leave the service as they become more independent. Since June 2020, Spectrum has led this valuable local project for Wakefield Council and rebranded as Wakefield WY-FI.