Transforming Services: Better Health Liverpool

In April 2018, Spectrum was appointed as the lead provider of healthcare services in HMP Liverpool – introducing a new partnership brand (“Better Health Liverpool”) and embarking on a long-term mission to transform patient services. This partnership aimed to embed positive culture change in the prison and raise quality standards across the healthcare team (primary care, mental health and recovery services).

To do this, Spectrum worked closely with the prison and with our partners to:

  • Introduce a new clinical leadership structure and better pathways for multidisciplinary working, as well as appointing a Healthcare Governor
  • Boost nurse recruitment in key areas and develop on-site training packages, including in Substance Misuse First Aid
  • Improved screening rates for Blood-Borne viruses and implement a new pathway for Dried-Spot Blood Tests, which increasing screening rates from 8-12% in October 2018 to 94% in 2019
  • Ensure that patients were more involved with their care and aware of services available to them

This partnership also focuses heavily on improving patient safety, embedding better support for mental health and managing risks.

Stella Hannaway 221SH_Mar2020 CropsA

Spotlight on success

In 2019, Stella Hannaway became the Nursing Times’ “Nurse Leader of the Year” in recognition of her work turning around patient safety at HMP Liverpool, vastly reducing rates of self-harm and suicide through effective risk management. Here, Stella shares what she loves about working for Spectrum.

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